Corporate Event Magician
Corporate Event Magician
Corporate Event Magician
Corporate Event Magician
Corporate Event Magician
Corporate Event Magician

"Amazing! Ė how on earth did you do that?"

Brian Connolly
After Kockovís appearance on his BBC2 show Let Me Entertain You

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Something different

As a trained actor, Jasper has combined the art of magic with acting Ė creating bespoke characters for companies with specific themed events. Jasper is the only magician currently offering this bespoke service in the UK.

Besides the costumes, wigs and accents, itís Jasperís ability to understand an audience and how best to entertain them, that makes him a totally self-contained spontaneous improvisational comedy performer.

With over a dozen characters available, ranging from a Las Vegas gambler, a vicar, a caravan geek, a TV chef, an American motivational speaker and a Victorian Cockney Street hustler, itís Jasperís former Eastern Block master mind-reader and magician, Kockov, thatís become the most popular.


Vladimir Dimitri Kockov is a heavy-accented, tight leather-trousered, mullet-hairdoed master magician.

Close-Up - Unlike other close-up or table magicians, Kockov creates a whole new world for his spectators. From stunning sleight of hand to amazing mental moments, guaranteed to make your guests laugh and gasp in equal measures. If you want something very different, Kockov never fails to deliver.

Cabaret - With a highly polished 20, 30 or 45 minute mental-magic cabaret show, Kockov progressively reveals more and more of peopleís inner thoughts. From card predictions and psychological influencing, to mind-reading, Kockov always adds his own comic spin. Kockov keeps them laughing right up to the last insane stunt Ė REAL LIVE RUSSIAN ROULETTE!

RUSSIAN ROULETTE - recognized within the magic world as one of the most dangerous of stunts, Russian Roulette is an unforgettable piece of live theatre. Kockov, however, has taken it to another level with his unique presentation, making him the only person in the world licensed to perform 4 gun ĎReal Live Russian Rouletteí.

Real tension. Real drama. Real Live Russian Roulette.

For information on the characters in Jasperís repertoire and what he can do for your event or product launch, call 07973 731335 or email

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